Now in plastic-free, water-free dissolvable strips with 90% reduced carbon emissions impact.

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Plastic Free 

Help save the over 1 billion plastic jugs wasted every year. 

Waterless Formulation

Let your washing machine add water, and stop paying to ship water around the country. 

Coconut Based Surfactants

Unlike traditional detergents that are packed with harmful chemical, we utilize naturally-derived ingredients 

3 Amazing Fragrances

Designed by top fragrance houses to create a magical experience in your everyday routine

One Order = One Tree

We plant a tree for every order, so you know your order is going towards a great cause. Almost 500k planted to date!

B Corp, PETA Certified 

Independently certified to show we're a company out there making a positive impact


Over 250k happy customers with thousands of 5 star reviews



Experience Detergent Sheets 

in All Three of Our Incredible Fragrances

Jasmine, Rose, White Cedar

Our sweeter, gentler fragrance. Lush, fragrance botanicals in a soft-sweet blend. Bright and uplifting.

Sandalwood, Bergamot, Clove

Our softer, warmer fragrance. Delightfully complex citrus meets rich wood with a hint of spice. Aromatic and uplifting.

Cedarwood, Oakmoss,  Amber

Our bolder, warmer fragrance. Deep green woods layered with subtle, confident warmth. Well-balanced and grounding.